E-Essentials Checking

A Better Way to Pay Bills and Manage Your Spending

This unique checking account is free and offers you all of our essential, convenient services.

With E-Essentials Checking you’ll have access to:

E-Essentials Checking provides the tools you need to conduct your important day-to-day business quickly and securely.

Best of all, you don’t need a perfect banking record to qualify for E-Essentials 2 . The account was designed to assist members who have experienced past difficulties in managing a transaction account. E-Essentials can give you an opportunity to start anew.

Open your E-Essentials Account today! Visit your local branch for more details and qualifications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1Overdraft Privilege subject to qualification standards; please ask for details.

2E-Essentials account subject to approval. Greater Texas Credit Union retains the right to inquire about past banking history with reporting agencies such as Chexsystems. You may not qualify for an E-Essentials account if you have more than two (2) unpaid records or if the amount(s) of your unpaid record(s) is/are deemed to be “excessive”. Greater Texas Credit Union will define “excessive” at our sole discretion.