Preferred Dealer List

The Smart Way to Buy a New Vehicle

Greater Texas and Aggieland Credit Union has teamed with select car dealerships in Texas to take the hassles out of the new car buying experience. These preferred dealers will help make sure you have a complete understanding of your new car purchase. By visiting one of our preferred dealers, you won't haggle over a discount off the "sticker price"; you'll discuss with the dealer how much profit he's willing to accept on the vehicle of your choice.

Here's how it works: Every car dealer has an invoice for every vehicle in stock. This is the gross amount the dealer paid for that vehicle to the manufacturer. The invoice isn't necessarily the final price on the vehicle, due to manufacturer rebates or other incentives offered to the dealer. However, the invoice price is generally a great way for you to base your offer to purchase the vehicle.

Once you have selected your new car, our preferred dealers have agreed to show you the invoice, plus any amount added to the invoice. The additional amount may be expressed in a dollar amount or a percentage. This would be the price offered to you for your new car.

For example, the invoice amount may be $18,208 plus $300 gross profit to the dealer. Keep in mind that these amounts can vary depending on supply and demand, but you will know the amount of profit you have agreed to pay. No dealing "in the dark" - this takes the worry out of what kind of deal you have made.

In addition, you can still take advantage of any rebates offered!

Just follow these simple steps when you're ready to buy your new car:

  1. Get pre-approved!
  2. Deal ONLY with a credit union approved representative at the dealership, shown on the No Haggle Dealer list. Why? Because other sales people are not authorized to show you "invoice plus" sales. If another sales person approaches you, kindly ask to speak with the approved representative.
  3. Make an appointment with the designated credit union representative at the dealership. Making an appointment will insure that you do not have to deal with unauthorized salespeople, and will save you valuable time and money.
  4. MOST IMPORTANT - identify yourself as a Greater Texas or Aggieland Credit Union member.

Preferred Dealerships