App and Online Banking Update

Greater Online Banking is coming.
Greater Texas mobile app login screen with username and password text boxes
Aggieland Credit Union mobile app login page with username and password text fieldsGreater Texas | Aggieland Credit Union online banking and mobile apps are getting an upgrade! A number of exciting new features are coming November 5, 2019 to your digital banking experience, including:
     Personalized online banking experience
     New Bill Pay & Picture Pay
     Push notifications and secure messaging
     Account-to-account transfers and person-to-person transfers
     Advanced card security (turn your card on/off online)
     Face recognition will now be available on the mobile app

What you'll need to do:

You will need to know your account number and your Social Security Number (SSN) to register your account on our new online banking and mobile app. You can find your account number on your checks, or you can stop by your local branch!
     All users will need to re-register as a new user (you will only register once and use that single login for online banking and our mobile app)
     If using the mobile app, you'll need to uninstall and reinstall the app
     All scheduled transfers will need to be set up again
     If you utilize eBills, our Bill Pay solution for bill statements received electronically, you will need to re-enroll 
     If you have bookmarked the login to online banking, please delete and save the new website

Your Phone/Voice Banking experience will not be changing with this upgrade! You will still access phone banking as you currently do, and your PIN code will remain the same for accessing your account through our Phone Banking system.

What is Changing?

Completely Redesigned Experience

Aggieland mobile app transfers demoGreater Texas mobile app dashboard that shows account balances and recent transactionsGet ready for a completely new look for online banking. The design of your online banking and mobile app will reflect whether Greater Texas or Aggieland is your primary banking experience. Your username will now be the same for both online and mobile app banking, and all of your accounts will appear under your new username and password.


Bill Pay & Picture Pay

Pay bills with our updated Bill Pay feature and brand new Picture Pay. Simply snap a picture of your bill within our new mobile app to begin! If you use Bill Pay, all your bill pay payments and history will be transferred to our new online banking and mobile app.

Bill Pay will be down beginning October 28, 2019 and will resume on November 5, 2019. Learn more about the maintenance period.


Push Notifications and Secure Messaging

Enjoy new push notifications for alerts pertaining to your Greater Texas | Aggieland accounts. You will now be able to send and receive secure messages with account updates and notices through your online banking portal.


New Transfer Options

Transferring funds between your accounts or sending money is easier than ever with our new transfer options! You can transfer or send money to another bank or credit union and to your friends and family. Simply select what account you’ll be pulling funds from, choose a destination, and click Submit! 


Advanced Debit Card Security

Lost or misplaced your debit card? Now with online banking, you can easily turn access to your card on and off. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are in control of your Greater Texas | Aggieland debit card.


Personal Financial Management Tool

Track your finances, set savings or debt reduction goals, and monitor your financial health with Greater Texas online banking. You will have the opportunity to connect all of your financial accounts across multiple financial institutions to see your personalized financial dashboard.

QuickBooks, Quicken and Mint Help


Got Questions?


1–10 of 10 Questions  
    1. Bill pays that are scheduled during the downtime between October 28 and November 5, 2019 will still process, but our Bill Pay system will be inaccessible during this time. Your Bill Pay history, scheduled payments, and information will automatically transfer to the new system.


    1. There will be only one Greater Texas | Aggieland Credit Union app, and it will be available to download on November 5, 2019. You will have either a Greater Texas app experience or Aggieland app experience based on your local branch.


    1. All ACH and direct deposit payments will still occur, and all scheduled bill payments will also occur, you just won’t be able to log into bill pay to see them. But you can verify the payment once the new online bill pay is available.


    1. You will create a new username and password that will be used to access your online banking and mobile app. Once you use your new username and password on the new mobile app for the first time, you can initiate a 4-digit passcode to use for future access to the mobile app.


    1. Facial ID will be enabled with the new app. Once you login with your new username and password for the first time, you can go into the settings and initiate a 4 digit passcode to use in the future.


    1. Bill Pay users will have all of their accounts, scheduled transactions, and 2 years of Bill Pay transaction history automatically transferred over in the new online banking and mobile app upgrade. Only eBills will not transfer and will need to be re-enrolled. If you have questions over whether you have eBills or Bill Pay service, please contact us at (800) 749 - 9732. If you have eBills and need assistance setting those up after the conversion, you can call us or stop by a branch and we would be happy to help you!


    1. Many other financial institutions will have instant verification, where all you would need to do is select the other financial institution from the drop-down menu while adding an account to your online banking. It will prompt you to login to the other financial institution, and once you are logged in and verified, you will be able to add accounts to send funds to. If a financial institution does not have instant verification, you will need the routing and account number for the account you would like to send funds to.


    1. You will need to delete and re-download the app so that your banking information is up-to-date, but if you have concerns about your online banking while traveling, please give us a call at (800) 749 - 9732 so that we can discuss some solutions to ensure you have the information you need!


    1. We understand that there may be some additional setup required for our members that utilize Bill Pay, and that on November 5th, members should delete their current app and download our new Greater Texas app, and that it may require some assistance for a few of our members. If you have any concerns during the transition or need assistance setting up Bill Pay accounts after the transition, you can visit your local branch and our team would be more than happy to help you enjoy our greater online banking experience!


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