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Share/Savings Accounts

This is a basic savings account. It is called a share account because it represents your share of ownership in the credit union.

  • Minimum $5 deposit to open for adults 18+
  • Minimum $1 for children under 18
  • Earns dividends
  • Gives you access to any of our other services.
  • Rates are set by the Board of Directors and dividends are paid quarterly.

Our basic savings account can be used as Estate, Trust, Memorial, Special Funds, Organizational, or Club accounts. For more information on these types of accounts please contact a Member Service Representative.

Excess Share Insurance

Greater TEXAS Federal Credit Union participates in Excess Share Insurance. This unique program provides up to an additional $250,000 of insurance once member's collective savings balances exceed the maximum level of $250,000 in coverage provided by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF), a government backed insurance fund managed by the National Credit Union Association (NCUA).

Excess deposit insurance provides up to $250,000 per member, thus permitting individual members to have their savings protected in the credit union (through a combination of federal and private insurance) up to $500,000.

So, rest assured that all of your deposits are safe with Greater TEXAS Federal Credit


Savings Calculators

How long until I reach my savings goal?

How much should I save for college?

How can I save for a big ticket item?

*Per Federal Regulation and the credit union's Truth-in-Savings Account Disclosure, Share (Savings), Money Market Security, and Golden Star Savings Accounts may not make more than six electronic transfers and withdrawals from each of your accounts, or a combination of such transfers and withdrawals from each account, to another in a calendar month.