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Frequently Asked Questions

At Greater TEXAS Federal Credit Union we believe in saving our members time and money, so we have complied a list of our most Frequently Asked Questions. Hopefully, it will serve as a means of getting you the answers you need in a more convenient manner; however, if you have a question not listed-give us a call any time.

I'm having problems accessing online bill pay with my iPhone (smartphone), I use to be able before the upgrade?

With the recent upgrade if you access GTNet using the icon on our front page it automatically forwards you to our mobile service if you are accessing GTNet with a smartphone, mobile services has some of our online banking features, but is missing bill pay, transfer to another member, etc. If you'd like to access the full version of GTNet using a smartphone please click on the link below:

How can I reorder checks and how much do they cost?
To re-order checks online, login to GTNet, click on Check Services, and then click on Check Reorder. You will be able to easily reorder or customize your checks.

How do I change my address with the credit union?
In order to submit a change of address with the credit union, you can either come into a local branch to speak to one of our member services representatives or simply send something in writing by mail or fax. The information needed is the account number, a phone number, the new address, and your signature.

How does GTCall work? Am I restricted to calling only during normal business hours?

GTCall is an automated voice response system. It is easy to use because all the directions you need for using the system are given to you over the phone. All you need to know is your GTCall password and your account number. The GTCall "teller" tells you exactly what you need to enter and when. With GTCall , you are able to obtain specific account information, transfer funds, inquire loan information, change your password and even apply for a loan! And don't worry, whether it is 1 o'clock in the afternoon or 1 o'clock in the morning, you can still call and find out anything you need to related to your account. To get a GTNet/GTCall "pin number" simply call 800-749-9732 ext. 1009 to request the GTNet/GTCall Registration Application or download it from our forms page.

I need to make a wire transfer. How would I do that?
All wire transfers are done by our accounting department. Wires are done only during certain times of the day. They are done Monday through Friday at 10 a.m., 12 and 2 p.m. The accounting department can be contacted at (800) 749-9732 ext. 1001 for more information.

Why is the amount from my account balance different than what is available to me?
The two balances in your account might be due to a number of reasons. You might have recently had a debit purchase that is waiting to clear, a check may be on hold, or something else specific related to your account. For the exact reason, be sure to contact our member services department at (800) 749-9732 ext. 1003.

Does the credit union have a safe and convenient way for me to pay my bills online directly from my GTFCU account?
Yes, with GTPay, you can pay most of your bills online without ever writing a check, licking a stamp or envelope, wasting any time, or even leaving your home or work. Sign-on to online banking, GTNet. There you will be asked to enter your account number and password. On the next screen, simply click on the box in the center that says "Billpay." Voila! Simple and painless and all this FREE. Imagine all the time and money saved by not using stamps, envelopes, or traveling to the post office.

I lost my Visa Check Card, how can I get another one? Will there be a fee for getting a new one?
If you lose your card, all you have to do is contact our Card Services Department during normal business hours at (800) 749-9732 ext. 1005 where they will be happy to assist you in receiving a new one. Yes, there will be a fee for a new card but the good part is it is only $5!

If you need to cancel your card, call (877) 703-5978 immediately, or if you need to order a new card, call (800) 749-9732 during normal business hours.

Why does the credit union put holds on checks before making my funds available?
There are many reasons that a check may be put on hold when a member makes a deposit. If you have recently joined the credit union within the last 30 days, then credit union policy states that we will put all checks on hold for ten days during the initial month of membership. Another reason may depend on where a member made the deposit. If it was done at a service center, then they are required to put all personal checks over $500 on hold unless there are matching funds in the account. For more details, please feel free to talk one of our member services representatives by coming into a branch or by calling (800) 749-9732 ext. 1003.

How much money am I able to withdraw from an ATM? How much can I purchase on my Visa Check Card?
The maximum amount of money that you can withdraw from an ATM within a 24-hour period is $625. The maximum amount you are allowed to purchase within a 24-hour period on your Visa Check Card is $2500 or what your balance is in your account (whichever is less). If you are in need of more, please feel free to drop by one of our many branch or service center locations during regular business hours.

Does the credit union have Direct Deposit? If so, how can I be set up on this service?
The credit union does offer Direct Deposit. It is an easy way to allow you to safely and conveniently deposit your money with confidence - worry free and hassle free. To get set up on this service, all you need to do is contact your personnel office at work.

Transaction Limits

Money HQ
Inbound transfers:
$25,000 per transaction/daily
$35,000 monthly
From S1, S8, S9: $10,000
From L1: $5,000
Withdrawal & PIN transactions up to $625.00
Joint Members may withdrawal up to $1250 a day with their cards combined.
Signature-based transactions $2500
Visa Credit Card for Cash Advance
GTGift Card
$10 to $500