Minor Accounts

For Our Members Who are under 18

These unique accounts allow minors to start honing their financial skills.

They'll see that saved money can grow and learn to manage their money once they've outgrown their piggy bank. As with all of our accounts, our member service team is here to provide you and your child unparalleled service and find the account that fits your needs.
Minor Share Deposit (Savings Account)
  • Just $1 for a parent or guardian to open an account in child’s name
  • Parent or guardian is joint on the account
  • Earns dividends paid quarterly, according to our rates
Teens Share Draft (Checking Account)

For members with Texas Identification Card, Driver's License, or Passport (13+)

Our members enjoy:

  • Just $25 to open
  • Student is primary checking account holder
  • Parent or Guardian is secondary on account and ultimately responsible
Documentation needed to open a minor account:
  • Parent must be eligible for membership.
  • If Parent or Guardian does not have an account, a copy of the driver's license & social security card (or two valid picture IDs) is needed to open the account.
  • Child’s social security card.
  • If a person other than the parent or legal guardian, like a grandparent is opening the account, a letter from legal guardian is needed as authorization.