Minor Accounts

Minor Share Deposit (Savings Account)

For members under 18

  • Parent or Guardian opens savings account in child’s name
  • Parent or Guardian is joint on the account
  • $1 deposit into account when opened
  • Documentation needed to open account:

    • Parent must be eligible for membership.
    • If Parent or Guardian does not have an account, a copy of the driver's license & social security card (or two valid picture IDs) is needed to open the account.
    • Child’s social security card.
    • If a person other than the parent or legal guardian, like a grandparent is opening the account, a letter from legal guardian is needed as authorization.
  • Earns dividends paid quarterly, according to our rates

Teens Share Draft (Checking Account)

For members with Texas Identification Card or Driver's License (15-16+)

This account offers:

  • Student as primary checking account holder.
  • Parent or Guardian as secondary on account and ultimately responsible.
  • $25 deposit into account when opened.