Other Loans

Line of Credit

Never worry about an accidental "bounced check" again. Apply for a Line of Credit to protect your share draft account from little mistakes that may happen every now and then. Qualified members can borrow up to $49,999 and this protection doesn't cost you a thing. 

Signature Loans

Competitive rates make these special, unsecured loans perfect for qualified members planning a vacation getaway, special event or big purchase. You can borrow up to $49,999 and the loan can be used for any reason.

Recreational Vehicle Loans

The types of loans are great for the purchase of boats, RVs, motorcycles, jet skis, ATVs, or horse trailers.

Due to recent compliance regulations, the credit union is unable to finance Park Model RV’s/Homes/House Boats.

Construction Loan

Construction loans are not difficult – just different than regular home loans. Let the credit union help take the “mystery” out of the process for you. 

Your credit union will guide you through the application and processing stages, then will be there with you during the actual construction process. Loan advances to your builder will be handled, making sure inspections have been completed and approved before funds are transferred.

If you own your own land, the credit union can use this equity to help determine your loan-to-value for the construction loan. At this time you can finance 75-80% of the actual construction costs, plus the value/price of the lot. Permanent financing must be pre-approved for the completed home. If you have not arranged the permanent loan, we can help you with that application process. 

Share Certificate Loan

This type of loans uses your Share Savings Account or a Term Share Certificate of Deposit Account as loan collateral. Loans secured by a Share Certificate (CD loans) with a term of 36 months or longer will require a monthly payment. Eligibility is determined by the account balance. Members can receive up to 90% of the value of their savings or term share certificate.

Emergency Loan

Emergency loans are limited to certain situations such as a death in the immediate family, unforeseen auto repairs, medical expenses that affect your livelihood, or catastrophic disasters. An emergency loan is a one-time payment loan and is approved only once in a twelve month period.

For more information on these various loans please contact our Loan Department 512.458.2558 ext 1002.