Online Bill Pay

GTPay, our online bill pay, just got better!

*Please note! For existing BillPay users click on "Sign In" for NEW Billpay users click on "Enroll Me"*

The fast, easy and secure way to pay bills.

A few of the new features in online bill pay include:

Easily adding companies. 

Quick-Add feature lets you add billers by simply typing the company name and entering your account number. 


Set up reminders to notify you when a bill is ready to be viewed or when it’s due.


Set up recurring payments for bills that stay the same each month like your mortgage or car loan. It’s like having a personal assistant paying your bills for you.

Additional Features.
  • Payments can be received the same business day.
  • Categorize your payments to stay organized, such as phone, cable and power as utilities.
  • Select the convenience of ebills to receive bills online rather than through the mail.
  • Search for past payments by payee, date or status.
  • Secure messaging center lets you get answers to any other questions you may have.
  • For electronic payments, your account is debited the day you want your bill to be paid. For check payments, your account is debited when the payee cashes the check.

Already a bill pay user? Don’t worry – all of your current payees will transfer over, no need to re-enter your payment information. Watch this short video on how to register with the new bill pay. 

Due to the GTPay upgrade, you will now be asked to enter a username and password upon logging in each time to pay bills. Initial enrollment should take approximately 3 minutes. Thereafter, you’re only seconds away from paying your bills.

New User? How to use online bill pay:

  1. Have your paper bill handy
  2. Visit the online bill pay site
  3. Select "Enroll Me"
  4. Read and accept the "ESIGN Disclosure and Consent"
  5. Review and agree to the terms of service
  6. Review and agree to the privacy policy
  7. Complete the personal information, create a user name and password and enter credit union account information
  8. Set up security questions
  9. Verify your account
  10. You're now ready to add a company or person to pay!

How to add a company or person to pay:

  1. Click "Add a Company or Person"
  2. You can search the network of billers or select a category
  3. Complete your payee information located on your bill
  4. Enter the amount you want to pay and the deliver by date
  5. Click "Send Money"
  6. Confirm your payment amount and date
  7. Click "Submit Payments"
  8. Your bill has now been paid!

If you have questions regarding online bill pay, please contact our Member Services Department at (800) 749-9732.

*Online bill pay is available to S8 and S15 account holders only.