Be Aware of Online Impersonators

Fraudsters are employing new tactics every day. An increasingly common phishing scheme involves an impersonator who creates a bogus website in hopes they’ll gain access to their victims’ personal information.

How do they pull it off? First, the fraudster registers a website URL that closely matches that of the targeted organization. Next, they create a fake homepage with a form intended to collect your data. Innocent victims access the website by mistake, accidently entering the wrong URL in their web browsers or clicking a link from a questionable source. By design, these bogus websites can sometimes look very convincing. It’s important to make sure you’re visiting an organization’s official website, especially when submitting your private data through a web form.

Here are some tips to avoid falling victim to an online impersonator:

  • Always check the URL. For Aggieland Credit Union, our official website can be accessed by typing “” into your web browser. For Greater Texas Credit Union, our official website can be accessed by typing “” into your web browser.

  • Always look for “HTTPS” in the URL. This indicates you are on a secure website.

  • Use the Greater Texas | Aggieland Credit Union mobile app to securely access your account information without having to visit any website.

  • If you feel like there is something “off” about the website you’re visiting, don’t submit your personal information, such as your user ID, password, account number, or social security numbers into any form fields.

Typically, online phishing attempts like the one described above target elderly members of our community. Please share this information with your loved ones so they can better defend themselves against fraud.

For even more protection against fraudsters, consider subscribing to ID Shield. ID Shield provides a multitude of benefits, including dark web monitoring, identity restoration, SSN notifications, and more. 

If you think you have fallen victim to a phishing scam involving your Greater Texas | Aggieland Credit Union account, contact the credit union as soon as possible.