Online Payment Center

You may use the Payment Center to quickly and securely make your loan payment from your checking account from another Financial Institution.



  • You will need to provide your member number. Do not include the L#. For Example, 12345L25 should be entered as 12345 in the member number field.

  • You must use the Primary Borrower’s information to register.
      Name as it appears on the statements

      The last four digits of the social security number

    Date of birth in this format MMDDYY
  • Please note that student loans, mortgages, and credit cards cannot be paid through this service. Please call the number on your statement for assistance with alternative payment options.

Adding a payment method

  • Please make sure to use your checking account that you are paying from, not your member number with GTFCU. We are not able to accept credit or debit card transactions. Your checking account number and routing number can be found on the bottom of your checks, or by contacting your financial institution.

  • Please make sure your payment information is entered correctly. You will receive provisional credit to the loan within 72 hours. If your payment is returned for any reason (such as insufficient funds or incorrect account information), the payment will be reversed and you will be charged a $25 returned payment fee.

Payments processed through the payment center may take up to 72 hours to be credited to your loan. Please contact member services at (800) 749-9732 if you are unsure about any of your account information.