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Benefits of a Credit Union Auto Loan

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Submitting Proof of Insurance 

Please submit proof of insurance for your auto loan to the address below. Proof of insurance must show that we are the lien holder on the vehicle with full coverage insurance and the amount of deductibles for comp and collision protection.

Greater Texas Credit Union
P.O. Box 15023
Lenexa, KS 66285-5023
Or call 1-866-476-7330 Fax: 1-913-268-3178

Within ten (10) days of the funding date of a loan, proof of insurance is required to be furnished by the member of their agent. If proof in the form of a copy of the insurance policy is not provided, insurance to cover the value of the vehicle will be issued and the cost of the premium is added to the current loan balance. Insurance covering the vehicle issued on behalf of the credit union is not liability insurance, and does not satisfy any state financial responsibility or no fault laws.

Maximum age of a used motor vehicle to be eligible for financing is ten (10) years from the current calendar year.

To be eligible for financing, a used motor vehicle’s mileage must be less than 150,000 miles.

The credit union is unable to finance vehicles registered out of the state of Texas. Please contact the loan department for more information on out of state vehicle transactions.