Rewards Credit Card

Rewards Credit Cards

Your cable bill is due, the car needs an oil change and it’s your niece’s birthday. Use your Rewards Card to make those routine purchases and watch the rewards roll in! The CashBack program is an automatic feature of your card, so choose this card for all purchases and start earning!

Credit Card Benefits

No matter what your need or preference, Greater Texas Credit Union has a credit card to fit your lifestyle. All credit cards come with:

  • $0 Annual Fee
  • No higher interest rate on cash advance or balance transfers
  • EMV chip technology
  • Falcon Fraud detection and prevention features to protect you
  • Accepted worldwide and no foreign exchange fees
  • Visa Account Updater
  • Verified by Visa® online purchase protection
  • Discounts from Visa merchants
  • Easily replaced if lost or stolen - Call 877-703-5978

What to Expect When You Apply


Fill out our online application
or apply at your local branch.

Officer Review

A decision will be made
in one business day.


Sign loan documents via
email or in person.

How it Works
Swipe your Rewards Card or pay with your mobile wallet wherever you normally shop. Each qualifying purchase* earns a cashback reward. Your cashback rewards will accumulate throughout the year. 

Stay connected with the credit union to learn about ways to earn EXTRA cash back throughout the year!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Qualified purchases made with your Greater Texas CU Visa Platinum Credit Card automatically earn 1% cash back. Those reward earnings are stockpiled and issued back to your CU savings account annually as a rebate. Again, you must be a Platinum cardholder to earn rewards.
  • Transactions you perform and authorize at the point of sale, online and over the phone as well as recurring bills charged to your Greater Texas CU Visa Platinum Card are all considered “Qualified Purchases” which will earn 1% cash back.
  • Cash advances, ATM withdrawals, balance transfers, unauthorized or fraudulent charges and fees or premiums of any kind are not “Qualified Purchases”.
  • Rewards will be paid by the end of the year based upon activity between the previous November through October of the current year.
  • When a credit card account is closed, all reward earnings become void and are surrendered. However, if a credit card is closed and replaced due to unauthorized use all reward earnings are transferred over to the new credit card account.
  • Reward earnings cannot be transferred, “gifted” or paid to another account holder. Earnings will only be paid into the savings account directly associated with the credit card.
  • Your annual rewards payout is not considered taxable income and does not have to be reported as such. Greater Texas will not generate or send out a 1099 tax form with regard to credit card reward payouts.

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