VISA Debit Card


Visa Zero Liability is just like an insurance policy on your check card. If your card is ever lost, stolen or compromised you will not be liable for any fraudulent charges. You will receive a full refund. Your card is also protected by 24/7 fraudulent transaction monitoring. 

*Visa’s Zero Liability Policy covers U.S. – issued cards and does not apply to certain commercial card transactions or any transactions not processed by Visa. You must notify your financial institution immediately of any unauthorized use. For specific restrictions, limitations and other details, please consult your issuer.

Your credit union Visa Debit Card is accepted at millions of merchants and ATM machines around the world. All of your purchases are deducted directly from your checking account where they can be viewed on-line or on your monthly statement.

Using your Greater Texas Visa Debit Card couldn’t be easier. With a Greater Texas Visa Debit Card in your hand there’s no need to carry large amounts of cash or a bulky checkbook. Plus, some local retailers offer discounts. It’s like scheduling your own sale. Browse the latest Visa bargains at your leisure.

Greater Texas and Aggieland Credit Union is committed to providing members with a clear understanding of how debit card transactions post to an account. Understanding this process can help prevent overdrafts and possible fees that may result.

If you lose your card and to get another one, all you have to do is contact our Card Services Department during normal business hours at (800) 749-9732 ext. 1005 where they will be happy to assist you in receiving a new one. Yes, there will be a fee for a new card but the good part is it is only $5!

If you need to cancel your card, call (877) 703-5978 immediately, or if you need to order a new card, call (800) 749-9732 during normal business hours.

Greater Texas Federal Credit Union promotes responsible debit card usage by encouraging members to keep transaction registers and to monitor their accounts regularly. We also understand that overdrafts may occur due to unplanned expenses or emergencies. If your available balance is close to (or at) zero, it’s important to make sure your previous card purchases have cleared the account before making any further purchases. This simple step might help you avoid incurring multiple overdrafts.

VISA Checkout

Love shopping online, but hate all the hassles when it’s time to pay? Visa Checkout is a digital payment service that can make online payment as fun and easy as online shopping. You can use it anywhere Visa Checkout is accepted — on the go with your tablet or smartphone, or at home with your computer. 

With Visa Checkout paying online is: 


Add any major card to enroll. Then pay with Visa Checkout — it’s easy to spot! 


Skip typing in your card and shipping info every time. Just use your Visa Checkout login to pay and that’s it. 


Shop worry-free. Your info is stored behind multiple layers of security. 

Simplify online payment with Visa Checkout and your Greater Texas or Aggieland Credit Union Visa card.

Using Visa Checkout is a snap, just enter your info once. 

Then simply: 

  1. Look for the Visa Checkout button
  2. Enter your email and password
  3. Confirm your purchase