The Benefits Of A Greater Texas | Aggieland Credit Union Account

At Greater Texas | Aggieland Credit Union, we have a wide range of products and services.

Our goal is to help you enhance your financial wellbeing, and each of the accounts we offer is designed to accomplish just that, and more.

Advantages Of Opening A Credit Union Account Online

Learn about some of the benefits when you open a credit union account online.

Favorable Rates

When you open a credit union account online, one of the greatest benefits is favorable rates. We offer better rates on our accounts than large banks generally do, allowing you to save up more at a quicker pace.

If you need to borrow funds, you’ll also benefit—our interest rates are, on average, lower than what most banks will offer you.

Various Options

Another of the advantages is the vast array of account options available. This allows you to meet your unique financial needs without any hassle.

Some of these accounts include:

  • Free Checking, which has no monthly service fees or minimum balance requirements
  • E-essentials, which is a checking account with the most essential options for those with a less-than-ideal banking record
  • Business Checking, which includes various services such as lines of credit and special discounts
  • Golden Star Checking for those who are 55 and up
  • Minor Accounts for those who are under the age of 18

In addition to our checking accounts, we offer a variety of savings accounts:

  • Regular Savings Accounts to help build up savings over time
  • Money Market Accounts which offer higher rates than our regular savings accounts
  • IRAs for future savings
  • Christmas Club Accounts which are designed to help save up for the holidays
  • Health Savings Accounts, a tax-advantaged account that assists with saving for health expenses

With so many options, it’s easy to find an account that’s right for you.

Truly Free Checking

Our checking accounts spare members the inconveniences of traditional banks in that your checking is actually free. There are no monthly service fees, no minimum balance requirements, and just an initial deposit requirement of $25.

That amount can be withdrawn the day after, or it can be used to build up the account. At a certain minimum balance, members can begin earning dividends on their free checking accounts, making it something like a secondary savings account.

Members are also able to use non-Greater Texas | Aggieland Credit Union ATMs up to five times per month without any fees, giving them greater freedom than most banks afford.

Nationwide Access

There are numerous Greater Texas | Aggieland Credit Union ATMs throughout Texas as well as thousands of surcharge-free ATMs at participating locations.

On top of our widely dispersed ATMs, we also have a solid network of CO-OP shared branches. Our network enables our members to access their services from virtually anywhere in the nation, giving them as consistent access to their accounts as any bank would be able to provide.

Online Features

Consistent access also comes in the form of online features, including:

  • Online bill pay to make paying bills fast, easy, and convenient
  • Online banking, including checking balances and transferring funds
  • Electronic statements to save on paper and afford higher security than mailed statements
  • Account alerts to let you know when your balance is above or below certain amounts
  • Mobile app that allows access to online features anywhere, including mobile check deposits

Our members can open a credit union account online, reducing the need to visit a brick-and-mortar location. Simply fill out the online forms, make your initial deposit, and you’re ready to go!

Multiple Locations

Of course, while there’s less need to visit a physical building, we still have numerous locations throughout Texas, including:

  • San Antonio
  • San Marcos
  • Austin
  • College Station
  • Dallas
  • Houston

We also have several locations scattered around the outskirts of these cities, making it convenient for our Texas members to manage their accounts in person.

Financial Education

Account holders not only benefit from high levels of convenience, but they also get free access to high-quality financial education. We’ve partnered with KOFE to provide our members with unlimited financial education and coaching.

Some of these resources are:

  • Personal financial coaching
  • Credit coaching
  • Housing counseling
  • A vast video library
  • Interactive courses
  • Financial calculators
  • Downloadable publications

Whether you need coaching or simply want to learn more about financial topics, the resources provided at KOFE are an excellent way to achieve your goals.

Top Quality Customer Service

One of the main benefits members experience is quality customer service. We believe in helping you achieve your goals, and we’ll work together to determine the best options for your financial situation.

At each location, we strive to get to know each of our members on an individual basis to enable us to best help and support you.

Reaping The Benefits By Opening A Credit Union Account Online

To receive these benefits, consider opening a credit union account online with us.

The process of establishing your membership and opening an account is straightforward, and it’s more convenient than ever with our online account options.

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