Home Equity Loan

If you’ve built equity in your home over the years, you can use it for home improvement projects, education expenses, or consolidating your debts with a Home Equity Loan from Greater Texas and Aggieland CU. 

Plus, the interest paid on your Home Equity Loan may be 100% tax deductible.* Your credit union can help you recycle the money in your home with a Home Equity Loan.

To apply for a Home Equity fill out the application and return it to us along with the following:

  • 12 day notice
  • Mortgage Fraud Warning
  • Written verification of income. We need last 2 years tax returns plus 2 months of current pay stubs.
  • A tax statement
  • Your deed of trust
  • Your Homeowners Insurance Policy
  • Your Mortgage Balance
  • For Home Improvement we will also need a contractor's bid
  • In the event the member is married, the spouse must apply for the loan as a co-applicant. All income will need to be verified for both applicants. 
  • When the new loan amount is $100,000 or more and the total Loan to Value Ratio of the property is more than 65%, the credit union will require a certified appraisal to determine the value of the property. 

We will take care of the rest. You just need to plan on how you are going to spend your money!

What is the Loan to Value Ratio of my home?

*Consult your tax adviser