Advantages Of A Free Credit Union Checking Account

High banking charges and the lack of a personal touch are having many people considering the switch to a credit union where they can grow their financial future more successfully.

Apart from offering lower interest rates and more realistic fees, credit unions have become the go-to financial cooperative for those who want to see their money stretch further.

If you have the choice between a traditional bank and a credit union, why wouldn’t you want the option that has your best interests at heart?


10 Benefits Of A Free Checking Account

Most credit unions offer free checking accounts to members with the goal of helping them build a financial relationship and establish a credit history.

At Greater Texas | Aggieland Credit Union, our free checking accounts offer a variety of perks and advantages, giving you the opportunity to plan for your financial future alongside a team of professionals who only want to see your finances flourishing.

Learn about 10 advantages of choosing a free credit union checking account.

1. Lower Fees

When joining a credit union, you don’t have to worry about paying unreasonable fees. This is true for both the process of becoming a member, as well as taking advantage of services once you are a member.

For example, credit unions tend to offer free ATM usage and overdraft fees are minimal.

If your goal is to invest more money and pay fewer fees with your checking account, joining a credit union may be the easy answer.

2. Credit Score Not Required

Many credit unions enable you to become a member and open a free checking account regardless of your credit score. In some cases, it’s as simple as a check to ensure derogatory reports aren’t present.

That being said, if you are falling short with your credit score, you can turn to us for support in boosting, or rebuilding your credit.

3. Better Interest Rates

As a financial cooperative that’s focused on covering operating costs and maintaining healthy financial relationships with members, credit unions, in general, offer lower interests rates on loans and higher savings rates.

Stretch your money even further by choosing a free checking account.

4. No Minimum Balance Requirements

One of the benefits of a free checking account is the ability to grow your finances at no cost.

With so many checking accounts claiming they’re free, but requiring a minimum balance, it’s hard to manage your money your way.

With a no-strings-attached free checking account, you have the power to maintain your account on your own terms.  

5. No Monthly Service Charge

Some banks will charge a standard monthly service charge in order to keep your account active.

Our free checking account requires no such fee, cutting down costs even further. With fewer strings attached, you can simply enjoy our services and focus on financial growth.

6. Free Account Access

Gain easy access to your account from anywhere via our convenient Mobile App, Online Banking, Online Bill Pay.

You don’t have to be near a Greater Texas or Aggieland CU branch to access your funds or pay bills.

7. Money Guaranteed By The NCUA

You don’t risk losing your money in the unfortunate event of a credit union closure.

Credit unions belong to the National Credit Union Administration which guarantees your account up to $250,000.

8. Customer-Friendly Policies

As a not-for-profit financial cooperative and a financial institution that centers around the needs of its members, our member service team is always on hand to provide quality service with a personal touch.

If you’re unhappy with our free checking account service or any other additional products, we will go out of our way to fix it.

9. Convenience Of Shared ATMs And Branches

When opening a free checking account with us, you can access your account from a nationwide  Co-op Shared Branches and free ATMs.

In addition, members can also access their account from an ATM in any of the 8,000+ participating 7-Elevens and the 300+ ATMs in the Austin Alliance of Credit Unions surcharge-free.

10. You’re Able To Enjoy Additional Services

When you join a credit union, you gain access to additional personal banking services and products, including educational resources in order to help you manage your funds more effectively.


Taking Advantage Of A Free Checking Account

Once you’ve opened a free checking account, it’s important to maintain it in the best way possible. This ensures you’re getting the most out of what free checking has to offer.

Upon opening a free checking account, consider the following:

Invest In Overdraft Protection

As a Greater Texas | Aggieland CU member, you can easily opt-in to overdraft protection, saving you money in potential penalties if an overdraft occurs.

Access Your Account Online

There’s no limit to the number of times you can access your account online. This allows you to stay on top of payments and transactions in a safe and convenient way.

View E-Statements

Check your account balance at the end of the month when your e-statement becomes available. A quick scan enables you to not only stay on top of your budget but check for errors or accidental charges.  


Choosing A Free Credit Union Checking Account

When the time comes to choose between a traditional bank and a reputable credit union for financial growth, keep the aforementioned advantages in mind.

Your choice of financial institution and checking account type could mean the difference in paying to grow your money and reaping rewards like no fees, no balance requirements, and support and resources from a dedicated team - all just by being an account holder.

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