Christmas Club

Set up a special Christmas Club savings account for the holiday time

Safe guard your money, from yourself.

The Greater Texas | Aggieland Christmas Club account is a special savings account that makes it easy for you to save money throughout the year for a big ticket item, holiday shopping, or really anything you want to buy.

On November 1st each year, the money you have saved in your Christmas Club account automatically gets transferred into your credit union savings or checking account for immediate access.

Visit a Branch to Open an Account

Features of the Christmas Club Account:

  • Just $5 to open
  • Encourages a method of savings
  • Contributions can be made throughout the year with automatic transfers, direct deposit or payroll deduction
  • Dividends are paid quarterly
  • The dividend rate and APY are set by the Board of Directors

Benefits of the Christmas Club Account:

  • Members can make early withdrawals subject to the early withdraw fee
  • Avoid relying on credit cards for holiday purchases
  • Convenient online banking

Contact a Member Services Representative today to open your Christmas Club account.

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