Credit Rebuild Program

Your credit union has established a program that will help our members re-establish credit. It involves a four-step program, which allows a gradual rebuilding of credit.

This program also encourages our members to set repayment plans on outstanding debts. If you wish to be considered for this program please submit a loan application and written verification of income. We will also need a letter outlining the following:

  • Your present financial situation
  • Circumstances involved
  • Solutions offered
  • Goal you wish to attain

The Credit Counselor will carefully review all requests and you will be further advised. Eligibility is subject to credit approval and will be determined after examination of all information. 


Amount: $1,200
Monthly Payment: $77
Term*: Approx. 18 payments

* This program is typical with timely payments. The Loan Officer may change the amount, payment, or term at his or her discretion depending on payment performance. 

** Minimum term for each step is 6 payments, or months. 

For more information regarding the Credit Counseling Program, please contact us