Bank Jugging Awareness

Safety Alert

Bank Jugging Awareness

To keep our members safe, the credit union wants to call attention to the increasing crime of Bank Jugging.

Bank Jugging is when a suspect(s) observes credit union or bank customers entering and exiting a branch, drive-thru, or even the ATM.  The suspect(s) then follow the customer, that they believe are in possession of large cash withdrawals, with a plan to rob the customer in-person or by burglarizing the customer’s vehicle.

Officials recommend the following tips to keep you and your funds safe:

  • Be Aware of those who sit in parking spaces, sometimes backed in and who do not exit their vehicle.
  • Do Not openly carry bank bags or envelopes.  Conceal withdrawals in a purse or wallet.
  • Be Alert when using ATMs and observant of those around you.
  • Do Not leave bank bags, your wallet, purse, or briefcase in a vehicle unattended.
  • Be Vigilant when entering or exiting the branch. Avoid distractions, like using a cell phone.
  • Do Not openly talk about transactions while in public places in-person or on the phone.
  • Watch for people following you. If you think you are being followed, continue driving and dial 911. Stay on the line with dispatch providing information and follow their instructions.
  • Withdrawal money safer by using the cash-back feature during a grocery store transaction instead of using an ATM whenever possible

Your safety is valued and one of the greatest tools in protecting each other is through awareness and information.  If you ever observe suspicious cars or persons on credit union property, be sure and let one of our team members know.  Your active awareness helps us protect our members, staff, and the overall community.