Aggieland Union Donation and Contribution Policy

Aggieland Credit Union’s mission is to enhance the financial well-being of members while preserving the unique benefits of cooperative ownership.

The credit union supports charitable organizations in the communities where our members work and live. Aggieland Credit Union receives many solicitations for donations, volunteer support and community sponsorships. The following provides a guideline for how requests are handled. These guidelines help assure that Aggieland’s charitable, financial resources are used in a way that best serves the majority of our membership.


Aggieland Credit Union makes contributions to non-profit organizations that serve the communities in which the majority of our members and potential members work or live. In general, support is given to organizations which fall into the 4 major categories voted on by our membership: Basic Needs, Education, Children & Youth and Senior Services.

Community Sponsorships

Aggieland Credit Union considers for sponsorship only those civic, recreational or charity events, programs and directories located within our member service area. By sponsorship, Greater Texas will in turn be guaranteed published advertising or public name recognition from the organization or group requesting sponsorship.

Contribution Guidelines

  • All requests for sponsorship must be made in writing to the Marketing Department.
  • Contributions must be made to non-profit organizations, 501C(3) designation.
  • Consideration for sponsorship will be based on funds availability.
  • Aggieland Credit Union may donate funds, in-kind donations, or services.

The following requests will not be considered:

  • Aggieland Credit Union will not contribute to organizations or causes that do not impact the credit union’s service area.
  • Aggieland Credit Union will not make donations to individuals. Examples not considered for sponsorship: trips, beauty pageants and walk-a-thons.